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What is VirtualTx?
Where is VirtualTx located?
How do I use VirtualTx?
Is there a free trial available?
Can I change my plan or upgrade after I have signed up?
Can I upgrade or downgrade any time?
What is the cancellation policy?
How does the billing work?
Can other information be added to my invoice?
How can I change my account information?
How do I set up my account?
How do I add a Therapist?
How can I find my subscription date?
Can I pause my membership?
Can I use VTXGames for free?
What if I forget my Username and Password?
How do I create users in the dashboard?
How do I set up Clients?
How do I create a therapy or session plan for my client?
How do I create an invoice?
How can I add the clients’ insurance information and generate an insurance claim?
How do I access the Material Library! ?
What happens if a therapist from my organization leaves midway?

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