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VirtualTx is an intelligent platform designed for both in-office and teletherapy sessions. It offers a seamless teletherapy experience with a user-friendly interface that includes all essential features. From scheduling and live chat to a materials library, billing, online assessments, and cloud storage for session notes and reports, VirtualTx has everything needed for optimal teletherapy. The platform is fully customizable to meet the unique needs of therapists and their clients. Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and Mental Health Providers can unlock the unlimited potential of VirtualTx!

ai driven platform

Our Features:

ai platform

A seamless, interactive and Ai-driven, intelligent platform

VirtualTx is a technologically driven & intelligently power-packed platform. Enjoy an easy-to-access work environment with our comprehensive features at the click of a button!

therapy resource library

A comprehensive therapy resource library of materials & applications

Our resource library is the ultimate partner for busy therapists. It is a one-stop-solution for all therapeutic materials and applications.

real time support

Real time support from well-trained and accessible staff

Our dedicated customer service staff provides instant feedback and support in real time.

engaging games

Interactive, proprietary gaming to maximize client engagement

Highly engaging games and materials help clients participate in sessions at the precise level and pace for their individual needs. Therapy is ideal- sessions promote growth and is fun!

platform features

High-level customization of branding and platform features

Build your brand with us. Our personalized customization features enable therapists to create a unique brand that can help build your business with ease.

easy set up and running pay

Easy set up and running-pay as you go without hidden fees!

Zero charges? Yes! We accept payments with no-hidden costs. With easy online integration along with enhanced security, we bring you transparent, safe and accountable payment set-up.

Who can benefit from our platform ?

speech language pathologists
Speech Language Pathologists
speech therapy services for schools
Speech Therapy Services For Schools
university speech therapy clinics
University Speech Therapy Clinics
mental health service providers
Mental Health Service Providers
occupational therapists
Occupational Therapists

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